Thursday, February 16, 2012


A sneek peak of the new Va-Lynn Dinosaurs coming soon
by the Talented Ron McLeroy


  1. Nice concept. I've got a soft spot for reptilian aliens. A very classic scifi alien look to it too. Though there is a lot of push-back against "rubber suit" aliens and this certainly would be one, I still feel there is room for and fun to be had with such designs.


  2. Hmmm I wonder if he tastes like chicken. Never had lizard before. :-) Can not wait to see what weapons they will be carrying.

  3. Looking at the figure, what are some of the benefits to some of the body armor? Is it just for show or does it serve a purpose? I am talking the armor on the forearms and ankles.

  4. This is the basis for one of our "large toys".....48-52mm tall. The armor for the arms has large cleavers built into it.....

  5. @Tom - The chestplate and helmet are clearly to protect vital organs. Looks like the ankle and forearm pieces are more offensive in nature. I wouldn't want to be backhanded or suffer a roundhouse kick from that!

    @Jimbo - do you mean that this is going to be a gigantic creature, or is this a man-sized creature that will have a big mecha support unit?

    -Chris K.