Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playtest photos

And you didnt think we would leave you in the learch did you? YES, WE ARE PLAYTESTING OUR OWN GAME! Fast paced, bloody, rewarding good tactical decisions, Valkyrie is under way....

Quick photo 4

One last preview image, Nationalist infantry ready to play, here again by Mike rushing.

Models come (18 ) per blister, with bases and inserts, unpainted for $20.00.

Quick photo 3

Here is a snapshot of FedCom infantry, painted by Mike Rushing, ready to play, models supplied with bases, base inserts,come unpainted. Model retail is $20.00.

quick photo2

Here is a quick snapshot of a unit of standard Mrk2 Valkyries painted by Mike Rushing, ready for game play. A full unit with bases is included in the blister. Models supplied unpainted. Retail is $20.00.

quick photo 1

Here is a snapshot of bulldog scoutbikes,painted by Mike Rushing,in Nationalist colors ready for game play. A full unit is included in the blister for $15.00 You get three (3) unpainted models, and bases.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photos and info

I will post new/better photos this weekend after the photographer snaps better ones! You can check out size scale and quality at : jimbo

Friday, March 25, 2011

A little news for the weary

Well the trip to make moulds was great, everything is on mould and ready to order. Watch this space monday for photos of the painted minis, (since so many of you asked for them). We will also post prices at that time as well as how to order and snd your paypal info.

Best wishes to you all, may all your dice be 6's!

the crimelord....

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Here is a photo of the "bulldog" jetbike, this is the brass master thats going on mold tuesday.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

infantry previews for those intrested

Well Some said we couldnt do 15mm infantry on rapid prototyping....hum......

Friday, March 11, 2011

A little warm-up (pre-orders)

As i sit writing this, masters are winging there way to the hide-out. We are all so excited that soon you will be able to order your own figs. So to give you a rundown of whats coming April 15th, in no certain order:
Our Website goes live April 15th (maybe sooner)
And we will have 8 blisters available to order at that time:
Nat001= nationalist infantry(18 figs)
Nat002=nationalist antitank infantry(15 figs)
Fed001=Federal infantry(18figs)
Fed002=Federalist antitank infantry(15 figs)
TC001=Valkyrie (squad of 3)
TC002=Antitank Valkyrie (squad of 3)
TC003=Support Valkyrie (squad of 3)
TC006=bulldog jetbikes (squad of 3) this may change to two squads...

As of yet all prices are not set we hope to have this info soon. We are shooting for $15.00 per blister, this is a complete platoon in a blister. Barring metal cost increase we hope to be able to sustain this price for the forseable future. This is pewter not dead-lead.....

As of right now, we can only take paypal, if you are interested in preordering some models please send your info to:

please enclose your name, models you would like,email (paypal info for invoice) and we will let you know via email your total BEFORE sending you an invoice. Also , please let us know if you want Fed or Nat infantry when ordering (the order numbers help :D )

I want to thank everyone for there support and encouragement.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little news, Big news

Well folks, were waiting on the prototypes to come in dont think we arent doing anything, we have multiple arimies in the works. Also other good news is our bases are on the way, yes i said bases, the things you need to mount figs for the game. They are on the way from the producer and at such a good price that we can pass the savings on to you! (great news! ) And here is a sneek peek at our 3rd army the Makat, here we show there walkers, all three sizes. Closest to us is the God of War, the middle is the main (tank) walker, and to the right our small scout walker that has three variants. Hope you like em.
best to ya,