Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Valkyrie Company Starters!!!!

We are so happy to finally release the Valkyrie Company Starters! They contain a full company of troops for Valkyrie,rulebook and background for your forces! They are also a savings from $5-$10 over normal price plus you get the rulebook (70 pages) for free!!!

here is a review of Valkyrie at Millennium Con...


And as always these are available at the ACPGames webiste,

Mech Infantry inbound!

This week we release the Mechanized Infantry for both Human factions in Valkyrie...

you can order them at the ACPGames website.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Previews of coming releases

a glimps at the future...

Mercs Available

The first of many,the Port Reliant mercs are available in the online store

order yours at

Makat Jaguar Warriors

The Jaguar Warriors,heavy shock troops of the Makat Expeditions,

striding across the battlefield,taller than a man with bizarre weapons...

how do we stop them?

David Bryson,


order yours now at

Makat Elders

The elders of the Makat lead the troops....somehow.

David Bryson, ICN News.

Available now, the makat elders,three to a blister.

check em out at

Makat Warriors

The fabled warriors of the makat release today,November 2nd.

These biomech warriors stride silently across the battlefield

spinning there war staffs and firing blasts of energy at the enemy...

order yours at at