Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Winner!!!!!

To let everyone know, Spacejacker did an awesome job for us over at the Ambush Alley games site! He competed with some of the best in the world! Even though we didnt win, he did a superb job representing ACPGames and showing off the quality of our models! If you like the figs alot ( and i love these paint jobs) keep an eye on ebay, they may just end up there ,but you will be bidding against yours truely! ;)


  1. This was an amazing entry, what's not to love? The OSL is fantastic among a dozen other great details. It made these already cool figures even moreso.

    I was surprised the Gemini Orbital Rangers didn't place at least second if not first actually, but the field really was amazing overall.

  2. Honestly he did an amaIng job and so did all the painters. The fact that it brought more attention to our models never hurts either!

  3. Congrats to the winners, some great painting there.

    Profound thanks to the ACP crew, It was my pleasure! Working on these models was a lot of fun, as I was trying to take my painting as far as it would go on a 15mm miniature... A tough proposition. The minis you sent me were the perfect canvas. (I have a fair few left over, and will of course feature them on the blog when I get my brush to them).


  4. what figures are needed to built the unit above?