Thursday, July 26, 2012

cover work

Well work continues apace as we try to reach an August 20th deadline to go to print. here is a preview of the "incomplete cover painting". Yes, i draw,paint,sculpt,3d model,mold, get the picture....anyway.

have a good week! watch next week for the finished painting as well as new models... ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Artwork continues....

We have been crazy busy the last few months and i would like to say, " I'm sorry" for all the missed time here on the blog. Due to my own illness and that of my family i have tried to keep up and it didnt work.
But now that everyone is at an even keel, we are back to work on the rulebook as well. Valkyrie is truning out to be a labor of love for Mike and I. At a staggering 120 pages (this is our first book) with 16 pages of color photos, and tons of art....well thought i would show you some examples......
As soon as i figure out how to use the new camera tent i will have a bucket of new stuff to show you as well!!!!

All your bases.....

Well next tuesday , the 24th of july see's the release of our skirmish bases, 10 bases, $6.00. Perfect for skirmish level games, they are 22mm across the top by 23mm across the bottom and have a little lip to hold your basing materials....hope you like them.