Art Crime Productions,
Created by myself James "jimbo" Burrell, is an idea. A way to do miniatures for gamers that are true to scale, fun to paint and reasonably priced. Ever hate having to spend money on a second blister to get a full unit? Ever wonder why plastic parts that cost less than a penny to produce cost $50 for half a unit?  Ever wonder why when u purchase something customer service wont help you fix any problems that arise? These are all things that have happened in my hobby carrier. As a 20 yr gamer, i am sick of paying so much for a game.

I have enlisted the help of other gamers to get this started, selling our collections to raise capital, my own time and experience (off and on 10 yr employee for Reaper minis), my own talent, we, collectively decided to create something new and fun for us, and you! We hope you like our products, feel free to comment, criticise, advise. This is your future universe as well as ours. We want you to be part of it.

To everyone who has helped us along the way, thank you for your help and support.