Friday, January 28, 2011

Bulldog Jetbikes

The bulldog is finally finished and ready to go! New helmet, new options on the bike and more controls and surfaces for the crazy painter in all of us! :D

Jet bikes are ready to prototype, two designs one piece each cast in resin.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Release 3

Our third release will be the resin cast Apc for 15mm games.
Release date 4-1-2011

Release two

Our second release will be a 15mm scale dropship to add to your games, over 120 mm long will be an impressive addition.....
Retail price to be determined, release date tba

Releases for the future

The first release, the spartan2 will be available soon.


ArtCrime Productions, Spartan Tank

Here are some 3D renders of an upcoming Spartan tank by ArtCrime Productions.   The tank is currently being prototyped at Moddler and will be released in Resin.  It is 87mm long, 52mm wide and 37mm tall.   The tank will be cast in resin.  The tank will be hollow and the estimated price will be about $12.00.

The Spartan tank will come in 5 parts, hull, treads, turret, barrel.  It will serve as the the main body for other vehicles including Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air and a Bridge Layer.