Sunday, April 24, 2011

We have a winner!

Ok we have two really! Tom Cramdall for the (frv-farmrecon vehicle ) and Mutantpoo for the homesteader! So the "offical " title shall now be the Homesteader FRV. Thanks everyone for the great ideas and input! To our winners, congrats!

Both winners names will be in the rulebook as development contributors and will recieve a free blister of homesteaders for thier collections!


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Name Game...

Well Folks heres the game. We have a new vehicle going to print this week, it's originally a farm truck, pressed into service by nationalist forces for border patrols. I dont wanna call it the truck , but naming things isn't my forte'. Thats where you come in. Send in your name ideas, and if chosen, you will recieve a free blister (3 models) for your 15mm scifi collection! So send em in! Btw, the winners from the "free miniatures request" are on the way! Thanks again, comment on the blog to enter your names. (legal part) If your name is chosen, it becomes the property of ACP Games. As a contest all contestants give up all rights to said names. Your name will be added to the rulebook for your contribution to the game universe.

Thanks for playing!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8,000 and counting!

Wow! what a great welcome! The blog has reached 8k in hits in less than 4 months! What a great welcome to the net, and to all our new followers, thanks for joining! As a reward for the great responce, the first 10 followers who send me their snaildress get a free blister , (sorry my choice! :) ) It is free after all! Also i will be posting new designes for prototyping tomorrow! I will have a name contest! Whoever comes up with the best name, it sticks! And you get a free model! Thanks for following! Happy Gaming! jimbo the crimelord