Sunday, April 24, 2011

We have a winner!

Ok we have two really! Tom Cramdall for the (frv-farmrecon vehicle ) and Mutantpoo for the homesteader! So the "offical " title shall now be the Homesteader FRV. Thanks everyone for the great ideas and input! To our winners, congrats!

Both winners names will be in the rulebook as development contributors and will recieve a free blister of homesteaders for thier collections!



  1. WOW ! Never won anything before and my name will be preserved for generations to come.

    Year 3025........ " We may never know who this mutantpoo really was. Clearly the artifacts indicate he was king among men with his name giving abilities. If only our time had such giants. " lol

  2. ROFL! but.. we shall remember you mutantpoo...