Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Start or kickstart?

We have reached a milestone. We are happy to announce that orders are starting to pass production. For the last two years we have rented equipment to help us make our models. A long drive to Dallas to cast up, bring them back to Houston to package and ship. But now that model doesn't work. We need our own in house casting equipment. So please, sound off, should we scrimp and save, ( so no new models for three months) or should we kickstart it! Those who have kick started please comment below. Those who have given to kickstarts, you opinions count to, so please, tell me what you think.


  1. A Kickstarter needs a lot of preparation and work, and it bears quite a risk.
    I would take the boring, but save route.

  2. I also would counsel caution, not every kickstarter works out.
    Three months go by incredibly fast anyway...)

  3. I would go for it as long as you have a good game plan for the video, good images and a bunch of renders of what you will be casting up.

    KickStarter isn't that scary IMO. As long as you have a good game plan and people like what you're doing, you give good value to the kickstarter buyers, you can raise some nice funds for your projects.

    I think you have a ton of experience already in the gaming industry, so I don't see an issue other than taking a lot of your time up.

  4. Oh and since you already have a good relationship with Reaper, I am sure they could give you pointers as to what to watch out for (example shipping costs).

  5. I am pretty sure it would cost you close to three months to get a Kickstarter ready anyway ;)

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