Sunday, March 3, 2013

A little preview...

ok been crazy busy sculpting for a buddies needs, and trying to help others, but, the spartans are starting to show up! we have to push the release back till the 13, but hey, its worth it. We originally order "x" amount and stated that the first 10 would have hover and tracks included. well guys, 6 are already "accounted" for...barring no pays we had four left so we upped our order. They will be in hand ready to go the 13! Yes the first 10 orders, be they a single tank or a set of three, will include tracks and hover.
Tom at mini review is getting one for"a review" go figure right? So you will be able to see them again others tanks for scale and so on. If the guys at Dropship want to review one...well i have one set aside for them. Hope you folks like them, have a great week!



  1. Love that grav tank... very cool. Actually, probably my new favorite grav tank designs, well done!

  2. Okay that Grav/Hover unit COMPLETELY transforms that vehicle..vnice. Going to need to order some :)