Monday, June 13, 2011

A Noble Endevor.......

Well since I have so much on my plate (almost 40 pieces of art as well as a website) , I figured I'd take today and goof off! Well ok, I still modeled alot of new designs for Valkyrie but I also found time to do something creative for myself. No These Figs are NOT for Sale. No I have no plans to make them. No I wont sell you the 3D models. (just covering my but, sorry) These were fun to do,I may keep the shotgun and heavy weapons for valk tho... :)


  1. Now those look cool. Love the guy oin the dull face visor, third from left.


  2. Hey you have to keep those creative juices following...nice work !

  3. OK I want these figures. I don't care what you say, make them now. :-)

    Actually these are really really cool.