Thursday, February 3, 2011

parts are on the way from moddler! Woot!


  1. Looking good Jimbo! Can't wait to order some of these! Spartan 117 must have Spartan tanks!

    Spartan 117

  2. I definitely like the detail. I'm also a fan of packaging all the options with a unit instead of a couple accessories and the option to "buy more."

  3. Well this box will be the tanks for both factions, secondary options limited to one faction will have their own box. The idea, each purchase is one unit usable right out of the box for your army. Good idea?

  4. It depends on how many options are in a box.

    From a marketing standpoint, it makes more sense to split the two factions up and add all the upgrades per box. Most people won't want to buy 2 boxes for 1 tank. It's also more cost effective, as you only need 2 boxes to design/pack/ship/promote instead of 3, and you can consolidate the cost a bit.

    A good example of why this works is GW Devastators. You only get 2 of each weapon for them, so if you want 4 homogeneous weapons, you have to buy 2 boxes or find OOP blisters. 95% of my opponents had 2 of each weapon because they couldn't do this (it's expensive). They just used what was in the box.

    A blister pack with upgrades for a few dollars could work though. It depends on your game system and how many tanks would be fielded in a standard game.

    This is just a thought though. I have no idea of your production/packaging costs, rules, model line, business model, etc.

    Good luck though!

  5. Ahh i see your point, the idea is, what is used for both factions completely is in one type of tank box, full unit all options. The other box is a differnt type of unit completely and only used by one faction. So if you dont play them you dont need the bits/parts/purchase. Also it lets us release the figs a little at a time for production/cost effectiveness for us. But thank you valid points all around.